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Parent Training Program

We had an assignment to design to benefit a social cause. As a Psychology major, I chose to promote the Parent Training program on campus. Parent Training is a service for families of children ages 3-10. Parents bring their children to campus where undergraduates look after them in a classroom setting while the parents learn behavior management techniques from the graduate students.

Over the years, the program has decreased in popularity. While we have measured its effectiveness, the results could only endure if the children are exposed to the same type of behavior monitoring in every aspect of their lives. My goal was to bring it to the classroom. I did research by sitting in on a kindergarten class, and asking the teacher what tools could be helpful to her. We came up with a list of supplies, and I noted that my target audience (recent college graduates aged 22–26 in the Stockton area) enjoys a sense of humor and useful swag. The program I created details basic behavioral psychology principles and how they can use them. I also made a puzzle game to get the children involved.



  • Zines (which double as posters)

  • Mug

  • Car shade

  • Puzzle

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