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Indian Student Association:
Event Promotion

Design a logo for University of the Pacific’s Indian Student Association. They asked for a logo combining Pacific and Indian motifs. From there, we created a banner to be displayed at events and tabling. Finally, we applied the branding to their main annual events: Holi and Diwali.

Pacific’s mascot is the tiger. The Indian Student Association uses henna as a fundraiser. Henna designs are traditionally applied on the hand and consist of flowers and paisleys. Tigers don’t have hands but they do have voilà! The henna design becomes the paw, combined with the club’s initials and stylized to resemble Sanskrit
and Gurmukhi.​

The posters carry the theme of Indian motifs and colors, each using them in ways more specific to the event. The Holi posters use the teardrop shaped bursts to mimic the colored powders thrown during Holi celebrations. The Diwali poster uses white outlines to resemble the rangoli made to decorate the floors of homes during Diwali.


  • Logo

  • Banner

  • 8.5x11” fliers

  • Snapchat filters

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