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Binay's Signature Eyeliner Tutorial

I did an Instagram poll asking if y'all want to see how I do my smoky eyeliner and the response was surprisingly... yes?! Well ask and you shall receive! As a lover of all things fashion, I was more than happy to oblige! The next day I filmed, edited, and delivered the first video I've created in a couple of years using the mobile version of Adobe's Premiere Rush program.

While there are bits out of focus and the color could use some correcting, this video must be documented for future me to laugh at like, "wow glad my stuff looks better than that now"! And maybe it's actually useful to someone? Anyone??

Products I Use:

Was this helpful? Do you want to see more? I might do it anyways, this was a great creative challenge! Props to the people that have this art form down, I have a newfound respect for your craft!

p.s. If you want to see my favorite makeup queen, check out Linda Hallberg on YouTube and Instagram she is AMAZING.


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