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Winter Family Portraits in the Park

I like to set my intentions before each session by thinking of all the moments I'm excited for. Before you see me, I'll be chilling in the car or walking around the location talking to myself like "We'll do this cheesy thing and then that'll be funny ooh and how cute if we try this and if need be I'll climb on that thing to get the shot and YES this is gunna be SO FREAKIN CUTE!"

That's my vibe. That's why I was extra excited when Czerina reached out to me ALREADY matching that energy. She had the outfits planned, the hair done, and was just so full of excitement so I couldn't wait to do this for her!

We got Grandma and grand babies first:

—Side note if you have babies on you I will definitely offer to hold them hahaha and while sweet Emery here did not approve of the camera she gave me the best hug ever and just WOW babies are so magical bless— Then solo shots for each of these lovely ladies:

And finally when I took this one while hanging off the side of the bridge we all felt the good vibes and said, "yup THAT'S THE ONE".

Cheers to this darling family for braving the cold weather and trusting me to do my thing! Check out Czerina and Nick's gallery here for more.


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