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Lodi Lake Anniversary Session

February is for lovers so what better way to start off the month than with an anniversary session?! Angelina and Darin are celebrating their one year dating anniversary on February 8th—also my Nani's birthday, shoutout cute grandmas—and we headed to Lodi Lake for their romantic portrait session.

The cutest thing was that no matter what pose I got them in, Darin always found a way to sneak a couple kisses to Angelina! I hardly had to ask him to go for it which was beautiful because we caught all their softest moments:

And just look at how he loves on her! Angelina is a badass for getting through the dirt in those heels, and Darin so lovingly helped her by moving aside the twigs:)

To many more years of love! Check out Angelina & Darin's gallery here for more.


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