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DIY Maternity Milk Bath!

As the epitome of elegance and femininity, a milk bath creates a gentle environment for an expecting mom to unwind and relax into her gorgeous self. Inspired by this viral photo session (and Pinterest boards galore) I am beyond excited to share the fun May and I had in recreating it!

The Setup (after steps 1 and 2)

5 Simple Steps to Do It Yourself!

  1. Use flowers and greenery (Fake or real! We did both;) to cover the border of the bath. It helps to start with long garland strands as a base and tape down at corners to save them from drowning! Stick flowers into the garland and use them to cover areas with tape.

  2. Fill tub 75% with warm water. (This is so momma can be comfortable!)

  3. Add 2 gallons of whole/full fat milk (it's richer so you'll have a more opaque white). Try to keep the gallon low to reduce splashing, you'll have less bubbling that way.

  4. Wait a couple of minutes for the milk to settle, then help mom into the tub (Also! Consider wearing lace and chiffon fabrics as they add beautiful texture.) When she's in, she can use a cup to scoop out any remaining foam and arrange petals in the bath.

  5. Make sure you, the photographer, have a stable space to stand on whether it's at the other end of the tub (like what I did) or a sturdy chair/ladder. Most importantly have fun!! This is a very hands-on activity and you're creating art together!

Family Adds Fun!

Earlier that morning we did a family photo shoot at the San Joaquin County Micke Grove Japanese Garden. It was so beautiful to capture May with her sweet family. Also my heart warmed to hear how happy she was to have images holding hands with her daughter. SO SWEET my joy for them is beyond!


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