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Fall Family Portraits! (feat. Mustang 5.0 Fox Body)

Summer 2019 slid away into the most magical month of October and I celebrated the best way I know: capturing my friend's beautiful moments with her adorable family! Teresa and co. adventured to my pin-drop off a random Stockton country road and we had the best time celebrating their love in the golden hour!

First and foremost, we had to pay homage to the dashing Mustang 5.0 Fox Body that her fiancé has so lovingly cared for:

Next, the family portrait (Mustang included of course):

Then a special spotlight for the beautiful couple because I can't get enough of how sweet they are together:)

And finally it was ALL about the ladies! These girls have such different and vibrant personalities—think "sugar, spice, and everything nice" i.e. the real life Powerpuff Girls—and they come together with so much love and fun!

Finally, we wrapped it up in hugs from mom (kinda how October/autumn feels in general, right? Cheesy but true!)

Want more October magic? Click here for the full gallery!


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